LWV Survey Questions

LWV Survey Questions

The League of Women Voters produces a wonderful website, Vote411.org, which helps voters learn more about the voting process and upcoming elections, as well as compare specific candidates. Our local chapter of the LWV asked me to fill out a questionnaire so that voters could learn more about my candidacy. I've included those questions, and the 500-character-limit answers, here as well.

What experiences qualify you to represent the citizens of your county on County Council?

My experience is in coalition building and community partnerships. I am a 16-year Clemson resident, a Clemson alumna and faculty spouse, a graduate of Leadership Clemson, and a lover of our local nature and culture. I am a marketing consultant for Upstate-area small businesses, and previously served on the Keep Pickens County Beautiful committee. I was a founding member of Lakes & Bridges Charter School in Easley, helped run two PTAs, and I currently serve on the Board of the Community Foundation of Greater Clemson.

What are your priorities to advance economic development in the county?

I will support and fund initiatives that improve and increase tourism in our area, as tourism brings in money and improves our quality of life. I will invest in trail system expansion, as trails have been shown to boost economies and create healthier communities. I will advocate for Pickens County to remain in the Upstate SC Alliance to attract new businesses to the area with high-quality jobs. And I’ll keep communication open with Clemson University, our area’s largest economic driver.

Please explain how you would obtain adequate funding for road maintenance and development?

The County just raised the millage to gain $3.1M/year plus a reserve, so we likely can’t raise it again soon. But we won’t raise enough money for all we need through millage alone. I hope our state legislators will raise and allocate more funds soon. The federal government has increased infrastructure funding (BIL and ARP), and I will advocate to our legislators for Pickens County to receive our share. We cannot let political differences interfere with our need for infrastructure funding here.

How will you ensure voter confidence in the election process?

To ensure voter confidence, we must stress that fair elections are not a partisan issue. SC law requires that representatives from both parties sit on the Pickens County Board of Elections. We need to ensure that appointments on this Board are treated fairly and allowed to do their jobs outside of political pressure. We cannot let party politics interfere with the functioning of our democracy. Additionally, we all have a duty to spot, name, and eliminate disinformation about elections.

What do we need to do in the county to make sure its workforce is prepared with skillsets needed in a changing 21st Century economy?

Council should support our strong local school district, not interfere with or control it, and be good partners when we can. We should continue to invest in Tri-County Tech, which provides affordable access to educational opportunities and job readiness for many residents. Twenty-first century thinking also requires engagement outside of the classroom, so our students must have access to libraries, arts, and culture opportunities, to learn about history and engage creatively.

What issue has not been addressed yet and is at the top of your priority list? What is the problem and how would you deal with the issue?

I want to explore adding public transportation options up 123 to Easley/Greenville, as well as to the Pickens municipal complex. This will expand access to jobs and services for more people and reduce traffic. I’d also like to work with the County Planning Commission and Transportation Committee to propose an addition to the County Comprehensive Plan to limit curb cuts on 123 between Clemson and Easley to ensure this road remains fast-moving and safe.

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