Plans & Ideas

Plans and Ideas to help Move Pickens County Forward

Better representation

First, simply by serving in office, I will increase representation and add diversity of thought to the Pickens County Council. There has not been a Democrat on Council in 8 years (in fact, there have only been 2 Democrats in the past 22 years). Only 1 woman has been elected to Pickens County Council in its entire history (thank you, Jennifer Willis, for breaking that glass ceiling). When decision-makers come from different backgrounds and offer different perspectives, then better, more holistic solutions are found. 

High quality of life

Promoting and supporting tourism initiatives is a win-win for everyone: it adds jobs, it attracts people here to spend money at our local businesses, and it makes the quality of life better for those of us who live here. I plan to support efforts that continue to expland blueways and trails, build and improve parks, improve signage, welcome visitors, and support arts and cultural events that bring in more tourists.

It's wonderful to live in Clemson, but that's not possible for everyone. We need more affordable, workforce housing so that our teachers, nurses, service employees, graduate students and young families can live here. The City of Clemson has very little space, so county land may offer more options. I want to start research on working with regional housing authorities, or perhaps a partnership with local nonprofits that works similarly, to help find opportunities, match renters, and secure grants and funding.

Healthy, Connected Communities

Well designed trail systems connect communities, reduce traffic, and promote healthy lifestyles. They have also been shown to be an economic boon (the Swamp Rabbit Trail has had a $7 million impact in Greenville, and the Doodle Trail increased property tax revenue 12% in its first year), so I plan to support expansions of our trails, including the Green Crescent Trail in Clemson. 

We’re lucky to have CATBus as a great provider of free transportation around Central, Clemson, Pendleton and Seneca, but we lack public transportation options up 123, where many residents need to go (we’ve seen the traffic issues!), nor do we have options to get to the county resources in Pickens. I plan to start research into expanding public transportation options to help more residents have access to jobs and services, as well as to reduce traffic on our local roads. I've been learning about available federal funds, and how there is a lot of momentum in the Upstate to improve and expand public transportation -- so we need a strong voice on Council to help move this forward. 

Strong County Partnerships for Education and Employment

County Council needs to be a good partner to the school district, and look for potential ways to work together on shared facilities. On Council, I will support funding for Tri-County Tech, which offers programs that train students to work in the businesses that are here or moving to the area, and also provides affordable access to educational opportunities and job readiness for many of our residents. 


Please also find my responses to the LWV's issues questionnaire here. 

Do you have feedback or ideas to share? Please let me know!

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